Keeping With It

I’m excited to have been able to take this week to get organized and hopefully make this year’s resolutions a way of life. Focusing on making other’s feel important and appreciated is something that can do us all some good. I wish all of you luck and determination in what you resolved to do in 2012. Tell us what some of your resolutions are, we would love to hear them! I’ll leave you with one of my all time favorite resolution lists from Woody Guthrie, circa 1942.

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Web Round-up: Felt

Kelly and I have been wanting to showcase felt for a while now and with Christmas this weekend (still not ready) it seemed like three ways to wrap gifts with felt was in order. There are still so many great felt ideas out there though so don’t be surprised if you see felt return for an encore presentation. Here are just a few of our favorites from around the web:

Loving these felt pinecones. They would make great name cards for each place setting at your next Thanksgiving feast.

These would be great for package ties any time of year. Or how great would a big one look on top of a simple white cake?!

Heart Handmade UK features some amazing felt crafts. These pillows would make fabulous gifts or would really dress up a lounge area at your next event!

And you will definitely see me making these from Martha Stewart. I want to have a party just so I can pass these out at favors with witty little sayings in them. So fun!

Hope you enjoyed felt this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. XOXO


Web Round-up: DIY Gift Giving

I hope you guys have had as much reading our DIY gift posts as Kelly and I have had creating them. With all that’s been going on lately it’s really refreshing to step back and spend time creating something for someone else.

Here are some fabulous DIY gifts we came across on the web:

Loving this simply wonderful idea over at Cupcakes and Cashmere for infused spirits:

Design*Sponge offered up a great DIY gift guide with some really meaningful suggestions and then followed it up with a super crafty guide here.

Some of the most beautiful and creative gift wrapping ideas I’ve seen in a long time are over at Creature Comforts. Not to mention some great gift guides as well.

I definitely want to do this with those mini deer I bought on Etsy!

A Cup of Jo, one of my new favorite blogs features gift guides that make me smile (albeit, not DIY, but too good to not include.

I know I have another weekend full of gift crafting ahead of me. What will you guys be making for loved ones this year?


Web Round-up: Ornaments

This week we showed you how to craft unique clear glass Christmas ornaments, here are some more of our favorite ideas from around the web:

Terrarium-inspired DIY ornaments at Free People:

Light hearted, confetti filled ornaments at West Elm’s Holiday Catalog, if you don’t have the time to make, you can buy these guys!

The resourceful folks at Young House Love created a great collection of ornaments, including clear glass ones with paint, oh so hip!

So how could you use these at an event you ask? Well a few quick ideas…

  • Make a wreath for welcoming guests to your event fashioned out of ornaments
  • Suspend with fishing line as a backdrop for your event, or string over your event tables
  • Place one ornament at each place setting for decor
  • Use in groupings as centerpieces
  • Use as party favors
  • Hang on a tree and use to assign seating for guests

Web Round-up: Cans

This week we showed you how to utilize tin cans for your event, here are some more of our favorite ideas from around the web:

Cake Stands by the oh-so-genius Sweet Paul in his summer digital magazine:

Wedding programs in a can, ready to be tied to the get-away-car after the wedding! Spotted on Lovely Package originally designed by Chris Trivizas:

And this great idea to use coffee cans to craft a serve-yourself wine bar at a wedding by Real Simple:


Weekly Round-up: Washi Tape

This week we showed you how to incorporate patterned Washi tape into your event decor with 1) mini flag garland, 2) drinks flags and 3) guest favor boxes. Washi tape can be easily purchased online and even through Etsy. Have fun picking your favorite patterns and colors and get to tapin’!


Weekly Round-up: Paper Silhouettes

I hope you guys enjoyed the silhouettes this week. I love the simple, graphic quality they have. This week we hand cut paper silhouettes to do 1) couple portraits, 2) a cake topper and 3) table numbers. You can use any black paper but like I said I really enjoy using black Canson paper. Extra X-Acto blades are a must which can be purchased at any craft or art store, and a cutting mat is really helpful. Depending on what you pair this silhouettes with, you can really create any type of feel for your event, which makes the silhouette so awesome.



Weekly Round-up: Twigs

This was a fun week transforming meager twigs into practical and charming decor for your event. This week we created a  1) twig easel 2) twig-bound wedding program and 3) twig votives. You can find good twigs this time of year almost anywhere. I took a nice long walk in my neighborhood and sourced all the twigs needed for these three projects! We hope you were inspired by these ideas, (I’m going to use them for my Thanksgiving table decor.)


Weekly Round-up: Pumpkins

Well Halloween is over but that doesn’t mean we need to stop using pumpkins. They are great to have around through Thanksgiving. Our pumpkin projects included 1) hanging tree decor, 2) table numbers and 3) candle holders. You can get these mini pumpkins almost anywhere you would expect from the pumpkin patch to the grocery store or your local farmers market. Anna Lee loves pumpkins and thinks they are a great way to add a sophisticated pop of color to any fall event. Happy Fall!


Weekly Round-up: Paper Rolls

Paper Roll Roundup

Did we make you a believer of paper rolls this week? With our wackiest material to date, we created: 1) A simple napkin ring for your place setting, 2) festive string lights and 3) miniature favor boxes, perfect for a truffle. These crafts could be done in bulk spending a half day cutting the rolls and covering with strips of your decorative paper, and completing the three projects with your pre-maid supplies.

Well, you can buy paper towels and toilet paper anywhere! The trick with this crafting material is to start gathering early, and ask friends and family to save them as well. (Yes they may think you’re insane, it’s ok, we know you’re not) The paper I used was this pad available at Michaels craft store.


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