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#3: Tag Fans

I got married in the summer, in Texas, in an old church without air conditioning! Needless to say I had fans at our wedding for guests. I know they can be difficult to source, and almost impossible to make without a ton of time/effort. These tags offer a good solution for fans. To make simply stack 3-4 tags and fasten with a brad (the old-school kind you used for book reports) and there you go, instant fan! I stamped mine, to add a decorative element, you could also use a typewriter for something extra.

#2: Framed Fingerprints

I love the way these tags have an old-world, masculine charm to them & I’ve been thinking they look so good in multiples almost as a collection. Think vintage butterfly collection, or skeleton key collection, you get the idea. Mixing the informality of the tags with something as formal as your fingerprint and signature (as in an official document) works out well, what do you think? I LOVE the idea of having all your wedding guests do a fingerprint and tag but that might be an insanely large piece of art when framed! Paired down it could include the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, and officiant. Or it would work nicely for a family activity perhaps from an important birthday or anniversary.

#1: Placesetting Name Tags

These tags work so well as place setting namecards. I used them for my thanksgiving table by wrapping the wire around each napkin (below) but I think they work great folded in half as well!

This Week’s Project:

Howdy guys, hope you’re settling in to the new year with ease. We’re excited to be crafting with one of our favorite items this week: tags. Some refer to these as luggage tags, the actual box I purchased at Staples refers to them as inventory tags hinting at their original intent/purpose. I’m afraid I couldn’t find a background to share on these, which makes me even more intrigued about their history. If you know or find anything please let us know! See you tomorrow with ideas on how to cleverly use tags for your next event!



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