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Web Round-up: Ornaments

This week we showed you how to craft unique clear glass Christmas ornaments, here are some more of our favorite ideas from around the web:

Terrarium-inspired DIY ornaments at Free People:

Light hearted, confetti filled ornaments at West Elm’s Holiday Catalog, if you don’t have the time to make, you can buy these guys!

The resourceful folks at Young House Love created a great collection of ornaments, including clear glass ones with paint, oh so hip!

So how could you use these at an event you ask? Well a few quick ideas…

  • Make a wreath for welcoming guests to your event fashioned out of ornaments
  • Suspend with fishing line as a backdrop for your event, or string over your event tables
  • Place one ornament at each place setting for decor
  • Use in groupings as centerpieces
  • Use as party favors
  • Hang on a tree and use to assign seating for guests

#3: Ornament Lights

Every once in awhile in our crafting adventures we’ll work through some projects and then it comes the great idea, and it’s like a light goes off. Well this one had both a literal and figurative light. I’m afraid the picture doesn’t quite do the effect justice. But trust me adding these glass ornaments to a basic string of white Christmas lights creates something quite stunning. I’d love to create a gigantic glass vase centerpiece with these lights and ornaments, the reflections alone would be insane! (but that would require me to have a large table, many, many large glass vases which would require much, much storage….someday I will folks!) To make we simply removed the hook and silver cap off of our ornaments, inserted the light and snapped the hook back into the ornament to secure the light.


#2: Glitter Feather Ornament

To create these I filled my clear glass ornaments with glitter sprinkled feathers. I sourced the feathers from an old down filled pillow. I opened up the edge of the pillow and pulled just a few feathers out. Next I dragged the edge of the feathers through some basic Elmers glue and then sprinkled them with glitter. I let the glue/feathers dry over night and put them carefully into the ornament with a set of tweezers.


#1: Gold Tinsel Ornament

This ornament took me two minutes to make, our kind of holiday decor! Take the top/hanger off your clear glass ornament and fill with gold tinsel, I used a pencil to guide the tinsel inside. You can try other colors (but we think Gold trumps all!)


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