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Plant Markers

The women in my family are really, really into plants; we share cuttings from our favorite plants with each other and they become part of the fam. Confession folks: I might be a plant hoarder, owning over 40 potted plants scattered throughout our house and patio. So of course I kept those cute succulents from the tin can planter post, and in true Anna Lee Co. style I used the same crafting materials from my DIY wine charms to create some plant markers (inspired by this pin on Pinterest) for the ladies I love.


Web Round-up: Cans

This week we showed you how to utilize tin cans for your event, here are some more of our favorite ideas from around the web:

Cake Stands by the oh-so-genius Sweet Paul in his summer digital magazine:

Wedding programs in a can, ready to be tied to the get-away-car after the wedding! Spotted on Lovely Package originally designed by Chris Trivizas:

And this great idea to use coffee cans to craft a serve-yourself wine bar at a wedding by Real Simple:


#3: Mini Can-Cakes

Albeit unconventional for a wedding I think these miniature cakes would be adorable at a bridal shower or similar event. This idea was spotted via a pinterest pin here, and was so cute I had to give it a shot (despite my lack of baking skills!)  To begin, clean out your cans and remove labels. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. I didn’t follow the recipe from the pin, I used store-bought cake mix and simply filled them half way with batter. I also didn’t remove the bottom of the can, because all the cans I had collected had a reinforced bottom and were virtually indestructible by my can opener. I did spray the heck out of the cans with non-stick spray, filled with batter and baked for about 25 minutes.  Once completely cooled, I  very carefully removed them from the can with a knife (warning however, I lost one in this process) Last step, I decorated the tops, if I had more time and patience I think frosting the whole cake would be amazing, and it would cover any messy edges. My husband called them “cancakes” clever fella huh?


#2: Candle holders

Tin cans are a fantastic way to add candle light to your event. They are truly a blank canvas and can can be decorated with many techniques. I chose to drill holes, cover with patterned paper, and paint these three cans. Once you’ve taken care of the outside, drop a votive in and light!


#1: Planters

These simple and easy-to-create planters do a double duty job as a guest favor and assigning them to their seat. To create we used our recycled tin cans, spray paint, and masking tape. We started by removing the label and washing the cans. Once dry, we added masking tape (wherever we wanted the tin to show through) Next we painted with a few light layers of  spray paint. Finally, we added the succulents with appropriate soil and name tags with seating assignments on them.


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