Written Correspondence

One thing I’m resolving to be better about is writing letters and sending cards. I am awful with sending a birthday card and having it actually arrive in time for someone’s birthday. I usually just end up handing it to them in person, tying it to a gift or foregoing the card all together and calling instead. It’s always been really important to me to make people feel special on their birthday and receiving a little something in the mail shows you remembered them and put a little thought into their special day. I realized that if I have cards readily available, I will send them! Which brings me to my card catalog. I went to the craft store and picked up a simple box and some brown cardstock. I cut nine pieces to the size of the box, each with a little tab. I decided it would be best to have cards in preparation for 1) birthdays, 2) anniversaries, 3) engagements, 4) ┬ábabies, 5) weddings, 6) thank you’s, 7) just because, 8) sympathy and 9) holiday. Now when I go to the stationary store and see a card I like I will purchase and file it away in my card catalog until the perfect occasion arises. And even better, I can make a card here and there when I have time and file that away too. I’ve found people love receiving handmade cards. I clipped a little label – “cards + greetings” to the outside of the box, which also serves as a perfect place to hold a sheet of stamps. I then put my return address labels in the box and now I have everything I need to send a timely written correspondence in one tidy little box.

One comment on “Written Correspondence

  1. Kim
    January 3, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    A great way to start the new year! Love this idea!

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